Diggy Simmons on his Snickers Line and Music.

Wednesday 9 March 2011

Diggy Simmons son of Rev Run and Justine Simmons as well as sibling to Vanessa, Angela, Jojo, Russy and Miley Simmons takes hip hop and fashion very seriously and is set on taking both to a whole different level.  Diggy created Chivalrous Culture which officially launched its first model, the Hamachi, in four colorways. Exactly how involved is Diggy in the brand? Is the Hamachi just the beginning? What separates Chiv Culture from the pack? All these questions answered and more as we catch up with Diggy.

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Diggy and  the hamachi

NK: For those that don’t know about Chivalrous Culture explain the brand.

Diggy Simmons: Chivalrous Culture is my sneaker brand. We’re just starting right now, we put out four colorways that are out now at We just put out 2,011 pairs online to start off the new year and then they’ll start going to retailers.

NK: How would you describe your role in the brand?

Diggy Simmons: I’m everything; I’m way more involved than your normal celebrity that’s engaged in a brand. I’m there creatively from the way the sneaker looks to the major colorways. I’m there mostly for the creative parts and obviously (I wanted) to be in the right retailers.

NK: Did any sneakers inspire the design of the Hamachi?

Diggy Simmons: The sneakers were inspired by the Gourmet, but the real thing behind Chiv Culture is that it’s more of a sneaker’s sneaker. You’ve got your white and your black which are your basic colors and then you have burgundy which is more of a style color. We had before the Brown/Orange colorway, we’re gonna bring that back, and then we also have the grey suede which a lot of people like. Just colorways that I thought would be dope coming into the winter and spring time.

NK: Chivalrous Culture is said to bring runway fashion to the street. Do you feel the two had been separated?

Diggy Simmons: I don’t think that they were separated but i think there are a lot more things that can really bring it together and I think quality is one thing that may lack from some others brands. (Quality) just needs to keep being brought to the forefront. The sneakers are affordable even though the quality is great. That’s what it is and that’s what’s good for the streets.

NK: So many sneaker lovers are obsessed with the past, what are the challenges of a new brand?

Diggy Simmons: You just have to bring new things to the table and as you go along in the future, these colorways that are out now are gonna be the ones that people, God willing, will be bidding for five years from now. It depends on how innovative the new brand is and I think Chiv Culture is that.

NK: How do you see the brand evolving in the future?

Diggy Simmons: Apparel in the future and also other designs of the sneaker. We have a low top sneaker, two Chukka boots, and other good designs that will sway away from sneakers like boat shoes.

“(Quality) just needs to keep being brought to the forefront. The sneakers are affordable even though the quality is great. That’s what it is and that’s what’s good for the streets.”

-Diggy Simmons

NK: When can our readers expect to see those products on the market?

Diggy Simmons: They’ll be in retailers back to school 2011.

NK: Who would be your dream to see wearing Chiv Culture?
Diggy Simmons: All the people from designers to rappers that inspire me. Jay would be crazy, Kanye, I think it would be cool to see the kicks on people like those guys that are just innovators to hip hop culture in general
Hamachi Mens - Burgundy Paten
The Hamachi

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