Can you remember these?

Sunday 20 March 2011

So we all remember back in the days when all these used to appeal to us as children. Also other groceries that existed back them and some of them still do. They are just to bring back memories and to give you the ohhs and ahhhs. Some of them are;

Choco Milo
Nestle's ChocoMilo-  2-4 could go in the mouth as once leaving your teeth with chocolate stains.

Geisha- most boarder students used to sneak this
and sardines into dorm. Geisha stirred into Indomie noodles...Perfect Match!  The tomato sauce.....hmmmm

FanChoco- Secondary school days during break and after school sometimes...

Gala Sausage Rolls

Gala- Gosh.... if you don't remember this, then you are hilarious. When you are stuck in traffic and you are hungry....this is the quick fix in Lagos. hehehe

Lucozade- although this is adrink bu tit was often used as insult (the name I mean). You are a LUCOZADE!

Allenburys Glucose D- During inter-house sports competitions back then, when a student finishes a races, teachers give Glucose for what reason?? Best if you ask'em....

 Titus Sardines-- Dont even know what to type bout this! 

St Louis Sugar cubes-  used to get crushed in transit so when the pack is opened, the crushed bit spill allover.

Bagco- This AD came on TV all the time with that crazy looking figure with massive looking biceps.
Still exists by the looks of it

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