Justin Bieber brings the 60's back

Friday, 11 March 2011

Chaos: Police were called in to control fans outside Justin Bieber's Liverpool hotel today
Justin was trapped in his hotel in Liverpool last night as a multitude of his screaming fans and paps formed a barricade round his hotel. He was warned by the cops not to go anywhere his balcony or even attempt to wave to his fans but you know Justin is an adorable baby bear, he just had to show some love so a compromise was negotiated and he was finally allowed to wave from his balcony to his fans. Bless him..
The last time this happened was in the 1960's with the Beatles in the same scenario.
Beiber is gonna be performing in Liverpool tonight!

Pictures after the cut...

Mania: A Bieber fan is overwhelmed... just like the Beatles fans Mania: A Bieber fan is overwhelmed... just like the Beatles fans

One of Justin's fans is overwhelmed and... the next picture is a fan of the Beatles overwhelmed in 1964

Overwhelmed: Schoolgirls clambered for a view of their idol, but he was been warned by police not to go outside
Oh daze..look at the British Police....They look like fans too! Just kidding
Deja vu: Police held back screaming schoolgirls camped outside the Hard Days Night hotel
Breaking free: Bieber negotiated with police to be allowed to go out on to his balcony to greet fans after he was warned he would 'incite a riot'

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