Japan rocked by Tsunami and Earthquake- Please say a prayer for Japan

Friday 11 March 2011

Water spreading across Japan
 Please say a prayer for Japan as a country and for the people of Japan. Japan is highly populated so imagine the amount of people that.............................. Lord be with them pls.

It was 2.46pm when the chandeliers began swinging wildly in Tokyo's parliament chamber. Japan's prime minister, Naoto Kan, stared in growing panic as the tremors intensified. Outside, buildings swayed like giant metronomes, roads cracked apart and people screamed and ran for shelter. The biggest earthquake in the country's history had struck.
In the minutes that followed, a series of 10-metre high tsunami waves peeled 80 miles across a calm Pacific ocean from the quake's epicentre to Japan's north east coast. Their symmetry belied a raging power that left behind a boiling back wash. Hundreds were last night confirmed dead and tens of thousands missing after the huge surges crashed ashore, rocking Japan as ships and trains went missing, cities and industrial plants blazed and a dam burst sweeping away homes.

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  1. Just God rest the souls of those who have died and may those who are living feel God's love and care in the compassion of others


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