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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Mama Ekundayo

OK, I've heard this song before and the story of Mama Ekundayo for years now. But the song came on TV and from the beginning, the words, touched my heart and so I started typing. Although Mama Ekundayo passed on a couple years back, She is still an inspiration to me and others.
This woman took in over 400 children and she took good care of them with no help from the government or any other person. She had a little village house and by 2007, 469 children had passed through that house and trained, feed, clothed, blessed and loved by this woman- Mama Ekundayo. In the documentary below, mama asked, 'How can i eat when my children have not eaten?'.
She did this all by herself, they were not her biological children but she loved them like hers.
Be sincere to yourself; can you really do this? all by yourself? With no funds? With no support?
For years, she went undiscovered and towards the end of her time, she was discovered in a glorious way. She obviously would have lost count of the amount of kids she took in but she made a mark in their lives and they will all never forget her.
There are so many kids that are out there with no food, no water, no fancy clothing, no funds for school but yet we go past them daily and do not even blink.
We do not just pause a minute to think about these kids. 'We have to care for our own'. I am not saying- take every child you see that needs help into your house, Its simply impossible to take every single child you see everyday into your house all at the same time because you will not be able to look after them all all by yourself. You have to have a real massive building, continuous funds, right certificates and licence and resources to do that because they wont fit in your little house or apartment because right now, there are lots of them out there.
Take these kids over to a place where you know they will definitely be given equal and tender loving care if you can, they'll be able to go to school better still if you can- have a place where they can all stay with people looking after them and treating them right.
They are humans, they need love, care, education and good things. We just go past them like they are a log of wood.
Its so easy for these kids to blend with the background when you are splurging on a new Burberry bag or belt or snicks but hey am not saying do not go shopping but always spare a thought for them. Do you really need to buy that and at the end of the day, you do not even use the bag and you lock it away in your basement and 20yrs later when its out of vogue and totally old school- you are like ' ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this bag?!''. You could have sent a child to school for a term/semester with the money you wasted on the handbag.
There are so many options, adopt, assist, take them to shelters, sponsor them and so many other things.

We are all guilty of these things; we need to start taking resources to orphanages, shelter homes and just try our best to help these 'humans' you never know what they are gonna become in the future and hey you will definately be glad and proud of both yourself and them.
We laugh at Angelina Jolie for being  the adoption addict but she is taking kids that are not hers and changing their lives for the better. We  all may not adopt but please do think about it.

Lets help build a better future for the kids and people that need our help not just in Nigeria but all over the world.

Love, Life, Care and...........a smile- give these to a child and he/she will in return Love you for Life for taking good Care of him/her and putting a Smile on his/her face.

They might not get to know you but Hey your blessing are 100000000000000 truck loads from Lord Jesus.

Okay Enough now..... I hope I passed the information out good?!


Lots of Luv,

Missy Tee

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