Derbyshire Police search for owner of Size 21 trainers.

Thursday 17 February 2011

Police in Derbyshire are attempting to reunite a pair of size 21 shoes with their rightful owner.
The gigantic trainers were found in Long Eaton and handed in to police by a member of the public.
Police believe the red and white Nike basketball trainers could have been imported from America.
The new shoes, which were in a genuine Nike shoe box, were found at a petrol station in Long Eaton.
Denise Bostock who works at the lost property office at Derby police headquarters said: "We were most surprised at the size, we all said 'wow look at the size of those' when we saw them."
She added: "We wondered if they belonged to a basketball player, but you just can't imagine the size of the person who could fit into them.
"We've got some very tall police officers but no-one with that size feet at all."

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