My eavesdropping story! I just had to listen to them!

Monday 7 February 2011

Hey peoples,

Ok so we hear stories about young girls doing unbelievable things but we rarely listen to their conversation.
Some weeks back, I overheard two girls aged about 10 or 11 years talking about being drunk and stuff so I tuned in and listened real good. Apparentely, one of the two already has a place of her own ( which I keep tryna think how she got the apartment herself but still can't believe she does) and she had a crazy party on her birthday. It was her birthday the night before and she according to what they were both saying, got drunk and ended up in each others Boyfriend arms for the night. When she said boyfriend, I was quite taken aback and I thought to myself, a real African girl from west Africa to be precise having a boyfriend is no big deal but at that age to go in the relationship, will be scared and shy but might go in the relationship and will most definately keep it a secret from her parents, siblings and sometimes friends.
Back to the story, she kept saying how she got £300 outta her account to spend on drinks and other things on her party night and she spent way over half of it on alcohol and had prolly less than £50 left. Another shocker, she said she called her mum in the morning and told her she woke up next to her friends boyfriend and had absolutely no idea what happened the night before the morning after. So her mum according to her told her to use a 'morning after pill' and this little girl was saying it out loud to her friend who was also drunk the previous night and had no idea of what happened the night before.
They both kept laughing real loud (at this point in time a typical west African girl will be crying) and were obviously still a tad bit tipsy.
The time finally came when I had to leave. I obviously dint wanna leave those girls, I almost wished that I could sit there and listen to all what they were talking about.
I thought to myself,if this girl was my daughter and I heard this story, then I'll prolly take her to Africa, give her the best discipline of her life (if you all nigerianS know what am talking about!) then send her to an Igbo village to work with farmers, then taker her to a public school boarding house and instruct them to never let her out of the school and then take her to teenage mums to educate her before giving her the craziest talk of her life (i feel exhausted after listing all that phewww!) but yeah she needs it.
This brings me to ask the question.....what would you do if this/these girl(s) were ur daughters, what would you do, give her/them the morning after pill?..... You've got to be kidding me right?!
These days girls need to be tamed because at such young age, they should be in school thinking about writing their GCSE's not partying like adults.
What impression are you as an adult leaving on young girls?
What example are you setting wearing inappropriate clothes, drinking, smoking, swearing/using curse words, talking rubbish in front of such kids?
You are the guiding light for these girls in the future.... The type of light you show them now determines the light they choose in future and also the light in which they would talk about you in the future! I know we are all not perfect but at least we know when something is appropriate or inappropriate.
Set good examples, leave good footprints and let your name leave a good mark for eternity long after you are gone just like!

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Lotsa Luv,
Missy Tee!

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