Show off much?!

Saturday 26 February 2011

Hey Honeypumpkins

So I was watching Julius Agwu's Festival of Love that was held on Valentine's day........
So yea, they were all looking nice and I wish I was there cuz I had a blast watching it on TV. But one thing I noticed was that almost 98% of them were using Blackerry biggie right?! Ok.... The shocking thing was that they were all using the Blackberry Torch 9800..... No biggie about that but MUST YOU SHOW IT OFF LIKE THAT?!
Everywhere the camera turned, they all had their phones up in a funny as though they were trying to get a signal on the phone, even when clapping, dancing or greeting each other. Some of them also were looking at the phone most of the time as though they were pinging...they probably were.
The funniest bit; Darey 'art' was performing on stage, so he got off stage and walked to this guy to say hi..... You all know how guys hug/greet each other? Instead of this guy putting his other hand on Dareys back, he slid his BB torch up and put it up as though he was praising God when he obviously wasn't..... Show off much.
They are all showing it off in the same hall with other BB torch users but when they do get outside and they all put it in a hiding place so the *you know who* don't nick it off them, even when they wanna answer a call in public they use a bluetooth earpiece so the *you know who* don't pinch it.
I sincerely think its funny cuz they were all using the same type of phone so who do u really wanna show it off to cuz they all have theirs anyway. Wow
Well all I can say is show off with sense darls and don't make urself look funny while tryna show off. We all do show off but there is a limit to it!
Have a FAB week!
Missy Tee's

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