Its official, THEY ARE NOT!

Saturday 19 February 2011

Can you recall that a few weeks back, I posted the story about a rumor that went about that Stella and Mofe being an item? If you dont, then here a Link to the post . Well here you go...according to sources- THEY ARE NOT!
I am glad, I defended them both- well in a way. They are both adults and mature and they can do whatever they wish. Mofe Duncan is her MANAGER!!!!! So o ye rumor fabricators. lol
But can't really know the real truth unless they speak out themselves.

Square Image, the publicist of versatile Nollywood actress, Stella Damasus, says that Mofe Duncan is her manager and business partner, not her lover as being rumoured recently.

Damasus’ publicist stated that apart from being her manager, Mofe’s 5ive28 Entertainment is a partner of Stella’s SDA Production, and they are both working on the actress’ projects, some of which will start showing on TV next month.

Stella is planning to hit the local and international screens with her television programmes soon. Her Changing Lives will berth on OH TV in the UK, next month, while two Nigerian stations have also got the right to broadcast it.

She has also set up a film training school, Stella Damasus Arts Institute, and will hold an audition for interested applicants later this month.

“Stella has been so busy for sometime now, so she obviously has no time for unnecessary distractions,” the statement reads.


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  1. Tanx 4 d let mi knw wen d institute starts auditionin


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