Day 13- Your opinion about your body and how comfortable you are with it

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Barbie is the miss perfect right? Source

Nice one!

I think my bori is alright- emphasis on the "I THINK"

This post is not saying you should describe your body but......
I am definately NOT the perfect figure eight- pshhh thats a dream. I am on the slim side you know as in SLIM!!! (if you say skinny there ehn I'll punch you)
There are some advantages of being slim and also some disadvantages in the sense that some clothes fit real well and some just don't! On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best- I'll say 8 in terms of how comfy.....I mean I can't really force it to gain some flesh and vice versa. I have to make use of what I have.
I like wearing dress shirts at times so to help cover up some of my skinny-ness slim self and long jeans too but they elongate one. But sometimes, I just do not care and just wear whatever I feel like no matter what it does. I'ld like to be kind of fat not fat fat as in on the boarder line of slim and fat. At least being a size 12 will do for a change rather than 6,8 or 10. ptchewww.
People keep thinking that I am purposely staying this slim, well I have news for them- "No I am NOT!"
Someone once called me anorexic and I looked and said "WHAT?" all because we went to get something to snack on, and there were too many options that I only went for a tiny cup of Ice cream and because *low voice tone* I am slim? *high voice tone*Purlease. I am not! I'll add some more flesh when the time comes.
I remember there was a time, my cousin and I were words and opposite/state and capital; she was fat(excuse me cuz) on the chubby side *clears throat* and I was and still am slimfit. She was looking for food to help her loose weight while also looking for food to help me gain weight but oh well she got married and then guess what--gained more weight! So she is still latitude and moi longitude.
My sister also said I do too much activities and eat less food. Not my fault, I can't force it.

Therefore the main answer- its "alright"

PS- Sorry its coming a late!

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