Day 17- Something you are proud of

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Hmm something you are proud of-

Probably getting to know Christ at a real young age. (I'm not trying to play saint/holyholy here, so don't crucify me besides are you a saint? lol) I remember back then that in church (at age 10 or less-long time ago can't remember fully now) almost every Sunday when they call for those who'd like to give their life to Christ- I can remember vividly getting up twice (I'm sure it was more than that) but then I was not fully a saint because I was a kid not that I am saying that I am holy holy now o. Nobody is a saint - we are all sinners doing our very best to completely become and remain saints- there are somethings that we do, that we do not know are sins. wow---Tee, you are already shifting from the topic. sigh* what am I like?

Anyways yea but as time went on, I got much more serious about it and wiser as well as older in it. Its a good thing though. All other things, I would say are material things and stuff like that which I cannot list because I have been asked to name just one.

Ya dig?!



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