Day 22- how you hope the future would be like

Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Hi guys,
I am actually doing this at 07:20am because I feel bad that I haven't done in the past couple of days or more due to the tight schedule. Whether you like it or not, I must complete this 30 day challenge by force ;-).
Well here we go;

We all have in our heads what we want the future to be like and we even have a plan of how it should go. I am human and just like every other person, there is a plan.
I would like the future to go well in terms of good career in place, be with the right person at the right time, still serving God, be comfy at a certain age and so on like that. So as we all do not know tomorrow, lets just leave it in Gods hands and the future will be alright. yea, there you have it.

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