Day 30: One thing you are excited for

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Hmmm Christmas is coming soon so that is one thing to be excited for. Its half and half,you get pressies but you also have to give pressies *grinding teeth*. Before then, there are a few people getting hitched e.g close friend's sibling and others so that is something exciting, so those should be interesting.
I officially completed the 30 day challenge. When I started, it felt as though I was not going to keep up with it. I am glad I was able to squeeze sometime out to keep up with the days even if I did two or three in a day. praise be to Jah (like my cousin will say).

Well to every single person that commented on posts, read the posts, glanced at it, chuckled at them, gave them straight faces *lol* I say THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
To my follower, friends, readers and fellow bloggers.....Merci beaucoup.
Please continue reading, commenting and following.

30 day challenge is hereby a completed task. Kapishhhhhhhhh

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