Day 23- Something you miss

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

I miss kiddie days straight up when I used to just be a kid and not get insulted for it. When uncles, aunties

where still single (but now they are married and have a family to look after) and had all the time (and money (but now if you ask them for 5 naira, they'll look at you twice lol) in the world to take me and my siblings out for ice cream or just plain sight seeing in the middle of Lagos (what a sight!). Going to school and hanging out with my primary school bff Damilola Taiwo (whom I haven't seen in almost a decade now and I am looking for her just as she is looking for me).
I miss those days when Uncle D used to visit with his band ( Uncle Sege, Soj and others) and they use to start unplanned parries and he'll do his thing on the piano. (miss you Uncle Dipo).
I miss all the times that we used to hang out with the cousins, Sis Ope, Dolupo and Dolapo, Ayomipo, Ikepo and Dolapo.....ughhhh! Growing up makes you miss things real bad! Thank God for those days though.
Oh well, moving 24!

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