Day 16- Something you always think..what if

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


I know I know I should have done this two days ago, I'm sorry- busy busy like always.
Something I always think what if, hmmmm

What if a plan for later does not turn out as planned,and you have to change something and you end up doing something you did not plan  doing. For example, if you planned on studying to work in a certain setting and then after studying, you realise that you really do not want to be doing that or for some reason you can't do that? This is the case for some many people out there although there are ways to change route. Anyway that is just a scenario.
What if what you dreamt about did not go as planned and you had to change..........what if after doing somethings you are not satisfied and that's really not what you want?
What if you committed a real great sin (in your own sight) will God still forgive?
What if you went the wrong way?
What if what if what if what if what if!!!!!!!

Well its in Your hands God of all flesh.....please lead the way Lord and help indicate the way to go for us all.

Found this song on Youtube and  thought it kinda applied.....LOL!

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