To Great-Grand Ma A *Long Post Alert*

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Thoughts of Mama A came to my mind, and I couldn't resist typing.
Mama A- like I love to call you now!

You were one real hilarious woman. My James Bond(ress); due to the detective work that you did on your  "custom" walking stick. Whenever a bead came off your custom made (lol) walking stick (cane like they call it now), you’d call and say to me “You have started removing the beads off my cane”.
In return, I gave you confused looks because I was not guilty as accused by you.

Years later, I realised that whenever your precious cane fell, the beads broke and came off as
some were not tightly glued (not that I was removing them) but still that did not make me dislike you.
We got along really well even though you were more that 70 years older than I was then (although
you did not get along with my siblings as well as we did maybe because they were older and
impatient with you I guess). Seeing your face and how you did things made me a patient and good
teacher to you of course!

We used to take long walks around the neighbourhood (to stretch your legs and bones as you used
to think). You made a couple of friend during our long walks and they both became your close friends
that you always went to hang out with, whenever you came around.

 Whenever I heard “Mama A is coming to visit”, I got so giddy and eager to see you. Whenever the car pulled up then, I'd to rush and pull the door open and squeeze you as tight as I could, I did not care or think that I could have broken one of your bones (cuz I was too young to reason to that point).

You had your favourite chair in the living room that you sat in all the time. At some point, we tried
persuading you to sit somewhere else so the chair to could rest but you always laughed at that
You were such a big fan of Passions (Soap Opera)- whenever it came on at night; you were always in that particular chair in front of the TV, ready to watch.
You loved Timmy but hated Tabitha (you called her Aje ni).You loved Charity, Sheridan and the rest of them.
You followed the story line clearly and whenever NEPA struck, you’d sigh and then relax your back
further into the chair as though you were biting your tongue to avoid placing a curse on NEPA
official in front of your great-grand kids. When Passions is over for the night, then you’d narrate the
story again to us and it was so much fun. You did not understand a word of what they said but you
understood every single move and the story.
Update on that Mama A: Ait never completed Passions!!
But here's the end, I found it on Youtube!

Even at your old age, you were one great cook. I remember when you made Okro soup mixed with
stew *licking my lips*, I made sure I cleared my plate and even wiped it clean before taking it to wash.
It was fantabulous! You always made the typical village delicacy taste wonderful in the city *wink*
Whenever it was time for you to eat rice, I enjoyed staring at you while you ate. (Cousin) Nikki would
say to you while you were busy gathering and eating the grains on the side of the plate instead of eating the main rice itself- “Mama, eat the food in the middle of the plate not the straying ones at the edge”.
You simply ignored her saying and enjoyed eating rice from the tip to the middle of the plate instead
of the opposite way.
I remember the day I was just about to eat Indomie Noodles in your presence, you yelled and said (in Yoruba) “What are these worms?”Are you going to eat these worms?
You made me laugh so hard that day, I think you left me in stitches. When I told you what I was about
to eat, you cracked me up even further;
Tee- “Mama, it is called I-N-D-O-M-I-E” not worms
Mama A- “Ehn, Indoyiee?”
Tee- “No, Indomie
Mama A- Indoyiee (shining your teeth)

Even at your old age, you wanted to learn English and what things were;
Ironing clothes in front of you and both the fan and iron were both plugged in one socket (hazard
right? Lol) using an adapter. You looked in amazement and asked:
Mama- What is this three pinned thing called?
Tee- Mama it is an adapter (explaining what it does)
Mama- Ehn... ajato??
Tee- No Mama, a-d-a-p-t-e-r
Mama- a-j-a-t-o
You cracked me up real good. I never got mad at you because I understood you all the way, even
though sometimes the things you say in your language I did not understand, you also took time to
speak in words that I could understand.

You loved Mr Biggs’s meat pie with a drink.
Some nights, we used to make sure you had your dessert which was usually “Meat-pie and a drink” along with Passions showing on TV (AIT to be precise). That was your favourite moment at night.

We hung out more than I hung out with my school friends back then because to me, you were so
much fun to be around. I used to hurry home from school to hang out with you. We were two completely different generations, yet we clicked like a button and fit like a glove.

You were one hilarious human being!

Tee: Mama, How old are you?
Mama: your grandma’s sister did not tell me
Tee: No Mama, you are grandma’s mother so you should know your age, not her, so how old are  you?
Mama: your grandma did not tell me
Tee: *squeezes face* OK.
You never told me your age because you weren’t sure and I now fully understand why. All the same,
you were hilarious and amazing.

The way you tied your scarf (gele) and wrapper always amazed me. You were a big time fashionista
at the time. When I heard about your transition, I just kept smiling because I knew that we both bonded really well and I sure made you happy to be my great-grand mother just as you made me proud of having you as my great-grand mother. I smiled because you were a strong woman because your character reflected that, which is why I celebrated you instead. (and that was also when I got to know your age)
You were spectacular, splendid and great. You were marvellous!

Mama A, I do hope you have a wireless connected laptop where you are now, so you can read all the good things that I am typing about you to you. ;-) Preferably a Mac Book Pro because that will suit you well. *chuckle* I bet if I told you would have called a laptop "latopu". lol
Your smile was breathtaking (I can actually picture that smile right now)- that must have been what captivated Baba J (great-grand pa*)’s heart and so on and so forth.
You respected yourself, loved peace and hated quarrels/altercations. You were soft spoken and a
good confidant, you always enjoyed hanging out with me, your little “Motee”.
I still enjoy talking about you because whenever I do, I get flashbacks/reminisce and it brings a smile
Although I could not attend your “Celebration of Life” as grandma’s sister called it then (which I
was quite mad about), I am kind of glad that I did not attend because I might not have been able to
compose myself or I might have kept away from the whole event. I did plan on attending but
somehow I could not which was a blessing in disguise somewhat.

Some update Mama A- your first and second great grand children now have three kids between them,
thereby making you a great-great grandmother. Are you doing the dance yet Mama? I bet you are!......
Lord, I thank you for Mama A. She was and will always be amazing in my sight.
Luv always Mama A

*I remember Baba J saying to my uncle on his wedding day, when they were welcoming the new
bride to the house (Baba J was too old to leave the house and attend the church wedding then- I was
the lil bride) in his words “if you beat her, I will beat you” and everyone made a joyful noise. He was
lovely too. Luv to you too Baba J.

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