Boys sagging + Army Uniform

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Hey there bloghearts!
How is your week going?
So today, I was on my way to do some transactions after visiting a store and I saw this cyclist (almost typed cycler there LOL) anyway, this guy was standing on his bicycle (I don't know if there is a word for that). All of a sudden, I looked up and his underwear was hanging out and his pants were literally under his butt. I frowned in disgust and said to myself "why are you wearing the pants then? Why dont you just wear only your boxers about?"
I absolutely hate when boys think it is cool to "sag" their pants. It is highly disgusting. I don't wanna see your boxers hanging out neither do other people...that is why you have something called a "BELT". Use it, thank God they come in all shapes and sizes, color and swag hehe.
But why do they sag though?
There are some people that sag so much that they are actually walking in a weird way to keep their pants from falling to the ground. So when it falls to the grounds maybe that is when you'll be excited. They are trying to be like the boys in the "hood". Very soon they will be putting their pants on wheel barrow all because they want to sag. Even if by force you wanna sag, then sag with sense!! For crying out loud.
Also on Monday, I saw this young army in uniform and I went into "Oh my daisy, Army in uniform in front of me" mode.
From the back, he looked so good. His sleeves neatly folded up and held secure by a button, his beret well worn to the side, his uniform was fitted, the material looked crisp and the colours on the uniform where very much intact, no sign of fading. His hair was neat and he was neat in general. He walked past and I said to myself hmmm he looks good, no wonder people like men in the Army. Anyways, when he completely went out of sight, I looked away and said "Oh well", not expecting him to walk past again.
Guess what? He walked past again and when I looked at his face, I was "Ugh he's just a baby". he had an innocent face and looked so young. Deep down, I was like "is this the person I was looking at from behind that he looked so good". I wanted to hiss but hey you don't want to be deemed as attention seeking in a cabin full of people. Not all that glitter is gold, not all the people in army uniform are...............(fill in the gap).

I rest my typing pen.
Have a good one!


  1. Do you hate sagging as much as I do sha?! while I am not up for pulling the pants up to your navel, people need to check out the mirror and see what they look like! If you as a guy need to start walking like you have boil on your testicles, it is probably time to pull up the damn pants!

  2. LOL....that is heartfelt HoneyDame. Its just senseless sagging....gosh its soooooo annoying!

  3. Lol ,ur funny.well as for me,I'm kinda. In d middle.just a lil below the waist would suffice.

  4. Don't blame the guys that sag,they're still growing (regardless of their ages).

  5. @ Emeh- lol that is still sagging though. hehe
    @A-9ja-Great- I take it you don't sag then? Thats great.

    Thanks for coming by :-)


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