Day 18- A 'challenge' you've had

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Uhmmmmm I've shared it on here before and it is the fact that I can't seem to get clothes that are long enough when I see dresses or trousers that I like. If I do decide to go in search of jeans or dresses, long ones at that, it might take me a little over a day or more to find the perfect fir.
My cousin and I went out in search of jeans, we kept entering stores and changing rooms and returning them to the racks- we did find one though after a couple of days.
So majority of the time, I wear knee length dresses and skirts but I am also on the slim side which is why I like wearing long dress to cover slim-ness although it kinda makes me look taller *sigh*
Someone actually asked me one day- Tee, where do you get your clothes from? Tall and Mighty?  Can you imagine, all I could do was laugh out loud. And I keep saying to myself, 'you aint that tall now'! And when I see someone taller than I am, I'm like yippie!!!!!!
I hope that satisfies this day 18!

I rest my typing pen (as in my fingers) you get? lol!

PS- I finished the book "A heart to mend" which I started reading on saturday afternoon and I have started reading "A Love Rekindled".........Likely to read A heart to mend


  1. lovely.short and humorous."tall and mighty" lol

  2. lol Emeh.. the lady herself is even short so maybe I should have asked if she gets her clothes from "Short and Minute" (if there's a store like that). ptscheww lol
    Thanks girl! :-)


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