Day 26: Things you like and dislike about yourself

Saturday, 17 September 2011

This is pretty half and half, easy and intermediate.

Things I like about myself;
  • My personality
  • My attitude (kinda)
  • My ability to be warm to people
  • Being kind hearted to people even in times of want
  • My ability to respect
  • My ability to appreciate
Things I dislike about myself;
  • My attitude towards myself sometimes could be annoying (to me)
  • Procrastination in terms of phone calls, text messages etc.
  •  Gradually turning into an introvert, not wanting or being in the mood to go out or be social
  • Not being able to completely forgive moi for somethings I have done to moi
That's enough I  guess.


  1. things i like bout me:
    - i'm playful
    - i'm a tomboy
    - i'm a good friend (i think)
    - i don't dwell on issues and negative stuff
    - i dont think before i speak (yes i like dis)

    things i hate bout me:
    - i trust pple damn too quick
    - i get cranky too often
    - i'm irresponsible
    - i can be very nonchalant bout lots of important stuf
    - i don't take good care of my properties eg my car

    ur posts are interesting babe...i shall be coming here everyday :)

  2. Tunmama- you are a tomboy? Well it doesn't seems so on your blog.
    I love the honesty.
    Woop woop....thats cool. Thanks sweetie!!

  3. oh my i'm a major tomboy. i have this post on my blog a long time ago bout how i hate heels n don't wear make up and thank God for yansh, boobs n hips i wud have prolly been a i'm an only gurl sha.

    oh hey please i wanna do a post exactly like this om my blog hope u don't mind :)?

  4. OMG. I will sure check that out. And yea! Why not? Go for it- I don't mind:-)


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