Day 29: Five weird things you like

Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Day 29........five weird things I like: (this might shock you)

  • The scent of Ariel washing powder- I love the scent that comes off (the dust). It smells so good makes one wish it was a edible. lol
  • Dust- not now but before, I used to love the smell of dust in Nigeria. During hamattan, when the dust is all over, I used to take a very deep breath and always get a bad cold as the end result.
  • Taking the dishes out of the sink and then arranging them in order before washing them up e.g- cutlery to one side, wares to one side (I'm weird like that)
  • Laying the bed while sitting on it/ talking to myself in the mirror
  • having a chat with elderly people- they talk real sense
LoL....that was a duper tricky....anyways next up Day 30.
Don't touch that  X button, if you do ehn may.................................................Mac foundation fit your facial complexion LOL.
At least I have done this one. hmm


  1. hahahaha! jus saw the heading for posting comments "Please keep it nice and clean! Thank you!" oh wow, i hardly keep anything clean but i'll try lol.

    Well some weird things i like :
    -love the smell of fuel, white out and paint.
    -love eating rice with okro, ogbonno or ewedu (pple are embracing dis now so mite not be too weird)

    hmmmmm why can't i think of more stuf? i'm a naturally weird person sha so thats dat.

  2. LOL! Thanks for keeping it clean... LOL!
    You love the smell of fuel?????? That is amazing luv. I won't confess to that *wink wink*
    And rice and okro. How does that taste? I can't even imagine!

    Awww ur "weirdness" is unique- dont worry bout it. Hehe. Thanks for coming by luv.


Please keep it nice and clean! Thank you!