A long whirlwind complicated friendlationship 2

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


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Everybody was getting ready, girls hesitating; not wanting to be the first to reveal their various looks and the boys obviously wanting to show off, approached the venue first!

Party time arrived, the music came on, and teachers sat about (watching closely for the moderately dressed student and “revealing” students so they could use it as insult during classes).

Miss O and her girls partied the whole afternoon, they ate, danced, talked, and their usual gossip. Spoke about the best dressed boys and girls, the ones they wanted to dance with, the insults and so on.
End of the party, home time but the DJ was still DJ-aying away while the venue was getting empty so for O and her clique the party continued.

The children’s day party finally came to an end when Miss O was to be picked from school along with Miss T, Miss Ti, Miss K. Miss O was the first to be picked from school, it happened to be Miss O’s brother and his friend who turned up. Then came Miss Y (again!) looking for Miss O (thoughts ran through Miss O’s head- is she coming to ask me for jewellery again or she is coming to take the one I’m wearing away?). O put on a brave face and paid little attention to that and hence the conversation;
Miss O- Fine thanks
Miss Y- your brother is here for you
Miss O- (sigh of relief) Oh okay thanks
Y then waited for Miss O to hug and say good bye to her friends, and walked her to the car. On arriving at the car park, O’s brother talked  to Miss Y (as though they had stopped somewhere before going to call O) along with his friend.
O looking lost thought to herself, what going on?
Unknown to O, her brother already knew Y before that day so they were literally friends.
Miss O acted totally like nothing had been said the day before.
Then that day ended and went by with O thinking “that is the end of Y and the jewellery issue”
School resumed as usual and then everybody was back to normal school routine.
O carried on like she never knew Y. All of a sudden, day after day Y started coming to O’s class to hang out after school. They became close knit and carried on talking even during school holidays, they’d talk for hours on the phone.
Days turned to weeks turned to months. Y started getting super close to O’s brother, they got talking all the time and in the end.

On one of their marathon gist days, Y told O that “I like your brother”. In a surprised state, O replied okayeeeeeeee?!

Miss Y was a boarder so she used to sneak her phone into dorm and was an expert at hiding it. She and Miss O’s brother talked a lot apparently, a lot happened between them which O was unaware about.
At some point, O discovered that her brother + Y dated and broke up. After they broke up, Y hopped on to the friend (from the children’s day parry) and they dated too.

When O heard, she asked but Y stylishly avoided giving an answer which O resolve to never asking again. O did eventually hear the truth, not from Y though. In a way, the fact that she dated both friends kind of tore them apart (both friends that she dated)!
Fast forward to December 2006, Y was talking to O over the phone during the Christmas season and then out of boredom, Y asked a silly question;
Miss Y- who do you think is the cutest amongst my brothers?

Miss O (who knew and had only seen one of her brothers (because he attended the same high school as O and Y) just answer playfully) - It’s A nowww ahn ahn
Miss Y- I dare you to say it out, I’m going to put you on speakerphone!
Miss O- You can’t do such
Miss Y- I dare you- if you chicken out then bla b la bla
Miss O- NOPE!
Miss Y- Ok he is here now- do you want to say Hello?
Miss O- indifferent

Y handed the phone over to her older brother *pause* (that action commenced a friendship that got complicated as time went on)
Y’s brother (A) - Hi what’s up? What’s your name?
Miss O- Nothing much, name is O
A-    Do you know any girl in your set called BA?
Miss O- duhhh yea- she sits behind me in class.
A-    Oh okay
Awkward silence
Miss O- do you read your bible daily? LOL! (I just have to crack up at this- how can she ask that kind of question, was she a Pastor at the time?)
A-    Yes but you could call me to check if I read it every day. Here’s my number- 0000
Miss O- okayyyyeeeeeeeeeee weird but- cool. Thanks for that
A-    Can I have yours?
Miss O- uhmmmmm (change topic)  Can I speak to Y now?
A-    Sure. I’ll be expecting your call
Miss O- byeeeee!
O and Y continued their conversation and bla bla blaed for hours nonstop.
O and Y spoke for hours daily, at times the phone battery would totally go flat and immediately the phone charged a bit they would call each other and continue their talking (while the phone was still plugged).
It was Christmas, A called Miss O to wish her a special Merry Christmas. Still being neutral and unsuspicious, O thought that was nice of a friend. New Years day, at midnight after church service, A called O again to wish her a Happy New Year.

As time went by, Y’s brother (A) started calling O frequently and it turned into A talking to O for hours.

Back in school, O and Y continued being tight friends as they had grown to be over the months. After school hours, they would stay back and talk for long. Y would express her feelings about liking O’s brother but O never got herself involved.

A continued to call Miss O every single day and O kept responding to him because she was being polite and friendly. He started telling his friends about O but O wasn’t comfortable with that. At times, He’s pass the phone over to his friend to talk to O. In front of his friends, O was his “new babe”. They talked and talked and talked for hours nonstop. Whenever he went to school, he’d call O at night just to talk. O sensed some lovey dovey stuff going on there and felt the table was being turned in the sense that Y’s brother was now falling for O!
To be continued.....
Miss Y- Hi, How are you?


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