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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Book I am currently reading.
Hey Sweeties

How are you all enjoying the weekend? Hope you all attended one wedding or the other or someone's birthday or so- you know how Naija people roll now from one party to the other on Saturdays. Its never really a dull moment in Nigeria on a Saturday.
As for me, well I had a norm saturday, chores and them some me time.
I've been wanting to read the following books; Lauren Conrad: L.A Candy, sweet little lies and co, Kendra Wilkinson- sliding into home, Kardashian Konfidential- the book by the Kardashian sisters for a long time but I could not find them in the bookstores I checked so I decided to stay on the look out. I chose not to get them off the Internet because I did not want to be soo eager while waiting for the books to arrive.
So today, I was looking through the books on iTunes and found all the Lauren Conrad books(£8.99) and Kendra Wilkinson's (11.99) that I wanted but I only got the sample so I can read the first few pages so as to be sure if I really want to pay that mush monay fow it. But Kardashian Konfid. not there!
My iBooks library
Then I remembered that I have been wanting to read Myne Whitman's books I have been sighting her books on Amazon and so on. Then I search for them on iTunes and guess what?
I found them on iTunes. So I got the sample at first and then read it and when it got to the end of the sample, I wanted to continue reading "A heart to Mend" that is! I made the decision to buy it because it is affordable. Literally read 3 chapters in one sitting (although I had to go the odd cooking and all that) because the suspense kept you going. Anyways whenever we get to the bit about Gladys thinking about her knight is shining armour then Mr Odusote and his financial story comes in and I just want to continue reading so I can get past that bit quickly. The book is interesting and I'll hopefully finish in days. Then I'll buy the second one "A love Rekindled" yippie!!! Wait- maybe I should buy it now before Myne changes her mind on the price and it gets expensive. Please Myne just in case you are reading this- pls don't inflate the price..pls pls pls! Lemme use the typical deep Nigerian accent- auntie Myne, I beg you dont inflate the price o! LOL!
I have actually been postponing reading the book for a while but I finally gave into reading.
Whenever I read about Gladys and the good samaritan in the Mercedes- I keep secretly wanting them to actually talk to each other again and hopefully get married.
The iPod battery then decided to start reducing- so I plugged in it while still reading and now that I have left for a bit now to charge well, I must return to the book reading (Ldn accent).
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  1. LOL...I can't promise not to raise the prices o, it recently got to itunes and there's a promo so price may go up but not much. Certainly not $11.99...Enjoy! thinking. Maybe... :)

  2. haha..well I've got news for you Myne; I already bought my copy of 'A love rekindled' and (whispering) at the same price! and started reading today!
    Yay me.
    Awaiting your next book and hopefully I get an autographed copy..(wishful thinking?)LOL
    Thanks for coming...... Myne! ;-)

    PS- A heart to mend-thumbs up!


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