Day 1- Five ways to win 'your' heart!

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Grrrrrrrr- why am I nervous about doing this- maybe because you guys would get to know mo' about me via this task ( that noborri sent me to do o!)
Well here we go-
Five ways to win "your" (me? or you? lol!)  heart!
I'm thinking this is referring to a guy (as in how a guy can.....) from a girls perspective.....this aint all but five of 'em. Lol....gonna put some pictures along with the points to kinda pass an impression. :-)

  • A heart after God's own heart- Ok so to win "your" (my) heart first thing first he has got to be after God's heart, wanting to know him more and seeking to hear His voice/dwell in his presence day by day. I don't mean - be a pastor o not saying shouldn't be a pastor either hehe!. But yea I love it when people love Jesus and are straight with their religion/spirituality. This has to be because its the way to go- Life without God is a no go area! ok on to the next one.....

  • Gats to be responsible- Need to responsible in every area such as being focused, having a plan of what to do now and also in the future.Doing things the way it should be done, at the right time and place. Not procrastinating- come on we all procrastinate but it should be kept to a minimum. Have something doing e.g. working and being comfy- ladies you all know that we love to be comfy but this is better when "cha-ching" is plenri- lemme say enough so we can go Louis Vuittoning or Chloe-ing. Just kidding- but gats to be responsible as per work/education wise- setting good goals and working hard to hit it. 
  • Caring and Understanding- caring by being a listening ear and understanding so as to be the advising mouth and vice versa. Willing to advice,and comfort one. Speaking from the heart so as to make one feel at ease, e.g.being there whenever the phone rings and its a certain Missy Tee on the other end of the phone or when wanting to have a chat. Understanding my ranting and complaints and saying certain words that makes so much sense that it would make me just say a prayer for him.*sweet*..hmmmmm
  • Perfect Gentle"person"/ Manners- aint nobody perfect I know but a gentle"person" with manners, respect and good intentions. Having a good and clear personality as well as a sense of humour. Having a soft face at all times with a one million dollar smile and dress sense. Have a giving heart by helping people out in every area/way possible. 
  • Appreciative-  appreciating God, people, things and many more. Not taking things for granted and appreciating things that he has. Understanding that there are people out there that are wanting what you have so you shouldn't waste/destroy what you've got.

Ok it wasn't that bad but there you go!


Missy Tee!

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