Day 7- Five pet peeves

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Hmm as usual I'm jus naming five pet peeves that I can think of now, here we go;
  • No please or thank you- this infuriates me when people lack manners and do not say thank you or please when talking to you in public. People are like this but hey what can one do?
  • Removing my stuff- I hate it when my stuff is taken away from where I put it in my "territory". I love to put my stuff somewhere and still find it there. Or messing somewhere I just cleaned up- ohhhhhh that makes me go gaga
  • Raising voice- it is so annoying when people raise their voices when talking or when arguing. There is totally no point in raising your voice and I do not like. If you cannot talk to me with a normal voice tone, then talk to the hands because the ears are at the spa!
  • Showing off-  When people show off what they have, it sort of pushes my button. e.g. asking you- oh what kind of phone do you use- Nokia 3310 (wow I remember that phone like yesterday) and in response they say oh when I went to Dubai, I got my Blackberry Torch but I dint like it so I when I went to Milan, I got the new Blackberry bold off much?!! who cares about your phone?
  • Bad attitude/swear words- when someone has got bad attitude or crazy stupid ego, then that pushes it. When  they talk with this attitude and have an ego as big as a town centre urban outfitters store then seriously go to bed for real! *ptschewwww* I totally detest swear words, they are disgusting so when I hear people curse it infuriates me especially in the presence of little kids (even adults). Sometimes I feel like slapping them across the face- silly cheese sticks.
There we 8 where you at?

*sort of dozing off at my pc now.......been tired lately....sigh and yawn together.
Barbeque/Summerfest tomorrow- lets hope it fun! I'll update you.

God is love!


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