Please say a prayer for Abuja and Nigeria as a whole

Friday, 26 August 2011

Rescue workers at UN building in Abuja, Nigeria - 26 August 2011
Earlier today, headlines flashed....bomb blast in Abuja Nigeria. All I could do was drop my jaw. I was dazed. Wharis allvis? It aint cool at all.
When did Nigeria start all this? Nigeria was a country full of love, happiness and hope but now they seem to be bombing the whole place to the ground.
Nigeria needs prayers. lets all say a prayer for Nigeria that the unity that once existed between the various tribes and religions return that peace may return to the country.

BBC news kept repeating it over and over again, showing people climbing into the UN building using a ladder. That is so not cool!
At least 18 people were killed Friday in a bombing at a U.N. building in the Nigerian capital, a police spokesman said. Police commissioner Michael Zuokumo told reporters eight people had been injured.
Rescue officials at the scene in Abuja helped to pull the dead and injured from the rubble. Bomb squad officers and other security teams were also sent to the scene, deputy police spokesman Yemi Ajayi said.
A representative for the National Hospital said there was a shortage of blood to use in surgery. Hospital staff and relatives of the injured have been going to the blood bank to donate.
The hospital called in all doctors and nurses who were not working Friday to deal with the emergency, the spokeswoman said as ambulances brought people in.
Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan condemned what he called a "barbaric, senseless and cowardly attack."
A statement issued by his office said extra security had been ordered in the area around the capital and Nigeria would do everything it could to bring the perpetrators to justice.
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, addressing the media in New York, said exact casualty figures are not yet known but are likely to be "considerable."
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  1. We shouldnt let Nigeria become something else, we should all pray and strive 2 become a better Nation.. God help us!

  2. Amen Ladyxi. ;-)


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