All for Sam Loco!

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Sam Loco (middle)

Hello Darlings,
I am so sorry I left for too long- I'm back now (sorta)!
Over the week I heard the story about Sam Loco and it was absolutely shocking- so here I am writing this lil something in honor of the funniest Nigerian actor - Sam

Whenever a show comes on TV and Sam Loco's name appears on the cast list, a certain excitement eludes one and it gives an assurance for a very hilarious ride.Watching Sam Loco on TV back in the day or yearsss I should say- was always amazing and you could barely ever sit there and not giggle.
He brought so much excitement to Nigerian homes with his hyperactive, over the top, acting/personality also not to forget his explicit vocabulary (that makes you weak in the knees when he says a word you aint heard before).
Sam Loco- a real actor who deserves a honorary award. A very humorous person seeking to entertain people and to leave them in stitches wanting more. He made you fall in love with Ibo people and their wonderful character.
Sam Loco seemed to have a goal- to put a smile on the face of every Nigerian and he did that with so much joy.
Even when acting an ordinary or serious role, you still can't help but laugh because that is what he has made every one do for a long time.
Watching Sam Loco acting as Chief in the series Everyday People (which still comes up on Voxafrica) used to (and still does) captivate your attention.
He was funny, funny funny, funny and wait for it............. funny!
I think it is safe to say that Sam Loco was the godfather of every comic actor in Nigeria.
A unique, different, and most of all HILARIOUS (note the emphasis throughout the post) human being.
Below are some videos to prove my point;

Finally, Sam Loco has definitely left his footprint in the sands of time and we do hope he will be rightfully celebrated as time goes on!
You were and are loved Sammy!


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