Day 2- Something you feel strongly about!

Monday, 22 August 2011

Day 2! Something I feel strongly about. There isn't just one but I'll pick one of 'em.

Everybody has been created to do different things in the world, look different, talk differently and so on and we were all created equally but in various cases peoples abilities are underrated and often killed as they do not get the opportunity to exhibit their abilities.
People suffer in various ways sometimes because of some features that they have and also some of their habits or decisions and so on.

Something I feel strongly about is discrimination -racism to be precise. There are bound to always be some people on planet earth that discriminate against people because of their race, religion and so on

I believe we are all the same regardless of the color of our skins so being racist I believe is you discriminating against yourself indirectly because that person is just like you in every single way. There are things that everybody is entitled to but because some people do not like seeing other races, they therefore make them suffer before getting what they desire and are entitled to
I am talking generally here whether white or black, you need to realise that a white person has equally got what a black person has and vice versa.
Looking at people and being purposely racist to them I believe is heartless. People are daily put down because of their race, they are continually made to suffer because they are from a different country or continent, because they speak English with a different accent, or because of the way they do things and I strongly feel that this is not necessary.

Here is a scenario, because you see someone with a different skin color approaching in your direction, you decide to clutch you purse like the person is gonna steal something from you or when someone with a different skin color is walking towards the direction of your car, you decide to roll up the windows and lock the doors all because you see a person darker or lighter than you are approaching you- that is wrong!

Another scenario is when there are two people of different skin colors/race and the one at fault is the same race and skin color as you the boss and the one with a different race is the innocent one but instead you decide to punish the one that isn't at fault all because of the 'racial' difference.
You know what- you might not get caught now but the Creator sees it all and will be the judge.
These might sound minor but thousands of people out there commit suicide all because of racism, people miss out on their dreams all because of racism, people go mental all because of racism.

Due to you being racist, you just might be pushing someone that will do you a favor that no one else on earth may be able to do for you.
Racism has to stop not just for stopping sake but to make the world a better, safer and loving place for all to dwell in and also for the younger generation.
Accept people for who they are
Love people for who they are
Appreciate people for who they are
Understand people for who they are
Respect people for they who they are

Life is too short to discriminate against people.
We were all created by God regardless of the race- we should let love reign, life will be much more better that way.

Say NAAAA to racism!



Day 2 down- 28 to go!

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