I LOVE YOU----Whats the biggie?

Thursday, 18 August 2011



Just a minor thought
Saying 'I LOVE YOU' feels like a real task when it being said sometimes. Its easy saying it to people that are family but why is it so weird when you say it to an ordinary friend?
I do say it to my girls and boys ( but not what you think **before you think otherwise *rolling eyes*) because I do mean it but when some friends says for example over the phone when you are just about hanging up...I Love You- I personally am like THANK YOU! because it kinda feels weird and isnt expected but I am quick to getting used to it and saying it back....but there are some friends that it feels so comfy saying it to them even if it the first time they are saying it to you or vice versa.
Although when it is first said, you are like ohhhhhhhh okaayyyyyyyyyy...... but as time goes on you kinda get used to it and just say it back as it becomes a reflex action (I know I do!).
A friend of mine when we were in high school texted me one day and at the end of the text typed- LOAF YA!. It was hilarious at the time because I was like that is so clever of her but hey she didnt wanna create any "homo" thoughts so you've gotta express ur affection (still love in my dictionary..duhh) somehow to your homegirls or boys (so the boys dont feel left out lol). Back to the story, ever since then, we haven't really grown outta saying LOAF YA to each other and it did spread to the rest of the clique (yes a clique- we were nice though!) We still say it to each other TILL DATE!
But when a total stranger says I LOVE YOU, why does it feel so weird and when you wanna reply, you kinda stutter and think twice before responding.

Have you realised that guys think its soooooooooo weird to say I LOVE YOU or Love you to people most especially guys (they think it sounds .......)

In church one day, I cant fully remember but I think the pastor said to the congregation to "Turn to your neighbour and say I Love You" the whole church kinda hesitated

so he had to say "Turn to your neighbour and say I love you with the love of the Lord"-------I'm not saying don't love with the love of the Lord but why couldn't they just say I love you to they neighbour even if they dont know each other?

Sometimes- I say to people
Define Love (5 Marks)
List the characteristics of Love (10 marks)........what am I like!

But why is that mentality of when someone says I LOVE YOU, they mean something totally different?
I know its something very sensitive to just say like that but whats wrong is saying I LOVE YOU to someone you met today and your friendship is a day old?

I am not saying I'm saint that I dont shy away from saying it sometimes but to be honest, I was just thinking- whats the biggie in saying I LOVE YOU- why do people always have two takes when someone says it to 'em.
You dont hate your friends thats why you are friends- cuz you love'em but why is it weeeyyeeerrrddd saying the words I LOVE YOU to them when you really do?!

P.S- I know this post is all over the place- apologies for that, I just dint wanna let this one slip off again, just thought I should voice this out!

Well now you know I LOVE YOU!


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