Day 3- A book you love

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Day 3 of the 30 day challenge...woop woop.
A book you love:

Ok so I read various types of books but out of the one's I've read so far, the one I love the most is- How to hear from God by Joyce Meyer

I love this book by Joyce Meyer -How to hear from God.
In this book, Joyce explains the various ways that she hears from God and how she confirms that it is really from God.
She also explains that there are times where we go way too fast and do not realise that God is using a certain action to speak to us. He also uses certain actions to confirm what He has said.

There are times where we are also super sure that it is God talking but maybe it seems like something very difficult to do, then we act like its just us thinking out that loud. For exanple; when one is super sure that God has instructed you to give your best car to someone, then you then act like you did not hear anything or you just simply disreagard the voice.

In this book, she uses real life experiences to explain anad clarify how God speaks (to her). She also points out that the way God speaks to each and every single person is different.

I love this book because it explains and gives guidelines on how to hear from God, how to create an atmosphere to allow you listen/hear Him clearly, how God clarifies that indeed He spoke to you regarding something (from Joyce's point of view).
What to do if you need to be super clear about what your are being told to do.

This book is very uplifting and has got things that I can relate to. It feels like someone is actually explaining things to me without me even asking or telling them about my thoughts.

Day 3 down *wooooooooop*

See you on Day fowerrrrrrr (four)!



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