Summer dress wahala! and Summerfest/Barbecue

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Hey Lovelies,

Bank holiday tomorrow- dancing makossa!

Anyways today was good, my church had this summerfest/barbecue thing today and it was real fun(ny). I checked the weather forecast today and it was meant to be a rainy day with max temperature of 14 degrees or 16- cant remember exactly now. So yea I was meant to leave around 10am or so (being a "worker" I had to be there early) but I didn't get there until about12.10pm. It was scheduled to start at 12pm. I felt bad but I just put a brave face on- you know!

Anyways when I got there, it was super windy, the plates and everything were being blown away by the gust so people were literally running after all the plastic plates and foil and everything. I am a very handy person, I get this bad feeling when I am sat looking at other people doing stuff and I do not help. I keep thinking to myself that people are going to think I am lazy if I just glue my butt to a chair staring at them doing hard work. Although some people take it as though you aint posh or anything like that by helping out, I do not care- thats the training I've got so yea! Back to the story- first up- it was a real task getting the bbq fire up- because it was so windy, it was pretty difficult to get it burning.....after trying for so long it finally came around and first to go on was the chicken. The chicken looked so good- very greasy (not healthy I know but a day wont count), the seasoning made it smell so good (licking my lips) but before I knew what was going on, THEY HAD FINISHED THE CHICKEN! I couldn't be angry because I was kinda full, I already ate something before setting out but I wanted to have some chicken but its all good.
Then came the burgers, I said to myself "T-gurl this one must not pass oo" lol but sure trust me now I dint let it pass, I had a couple along with some real hot and spicy suya- Nigerian style- I wish I had taken some pictures but my phone I did not want to or will you buy me another??? hehee- My hands were oily and all so I just dint want to soil or destroy my precious geesemmmm (gsm) but at this point, people were still running after flying plates so they could have some burger etc.
Then the sun was shining and suddenly suddenly- the sun was no where to be found and then came the rain- it wasn't heavy but it was just drizzling. It did that a couple of times and then the sun came back but by then it was a bit chilly. I kept pulling my jumper (I hope I haven't stretched it now).
The smoke from the bbq was all over- I inhaled quite a lot of it and when I got home I still had some smoke stuck in my nostrils even up till now as I type this post, I know you are saying who sent me? Well oh well!
All in all it was a fun day- you get to see peoples fun sides that you dont get to see everyday. It was cool.Running after plates, shouting at children, everyone laughing, drinks flowing, food flowing- thats was fab! Fun day!

Dream Summer dress length- Source
On the other side, I wanted to wear a summer dress today but I couldn't find one. Like the dress I have that I can refer to as a summer dress is way too cinderellaish. I am quite tall last time I checked which was about 2/3 years ago, I was 5'10"- so whenever I go shopping for clothes I go straight to the tall section- grrrrrrr!
Anyways I went to DP in search of a petal patterned or yellow summer dress to fit my size 8  bori...on getting there I saw some that I liked so I got them off the rack and headed straight to the changing room- I looked in the mirror and was like hmm this would look nice and then I tried it on- I turned around and looked at myself over and over again in the dress and then I looked down and guess what?!
The dress was "jumping" like Michael Jackson's pants and I was like "great!" longitude.....ptschewwwww.
I was so upset...gosh I literally walked out of the dressing room, dropped the stupid supposedly long dresses and went straight home. I was so angry and said to myself just get a seamstress to sew you one! Anyways now I am on the hunt for the perfect summer dress but summer is almost over so wharis the use now? I guess I could wear it next summer but come on height- lemme find dresses ah!


  1. Eyah... sorry about the dress thingy, have you tried looking online?? All that BBQ looks sooo yum, I am a totatl meatitarian.

  2. :-)@9jaFoodie- Thank you, online I'll try checking but I'm kinda shying away so it doesn't end up like the one at the store too. And I am also a real meatitarian - :-D

  3. Awwww. Pele re:the dress. Getting a streamstress to make you a dress doesn't sound like a bad idea.. Also Top Shop do long dresses (well, they do long trousers, so would assume they do long dresses too. Lol). Check them out.

    Bbq sounds like it was a lot of fun. This our British weathe ey? It ain't even funny (I'm assuming you're in the UK. Lol. Sorry if I'm wrong).

  4. Thanks Ms.Buki. I'll check topshop out (I only knew about the long trousers too).
    The bbq was fun with all the oldies trying to act like they are young and
    Honestly, the weather I don't even know what to say about it- it can't make up its mind.:-)
    Thanks for stopping by...


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