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Friday, 26 August 2011

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Hey Lovelies,

This is an event I have decided to gist you guys here on Missy Tee’s corner.....
On Friday May 26th 200?, the day before the annual Children’s day party in High school everybody was hyped and excited about what was going to get down the next day, the whole school probably did not pay attention to any of the teaching on that Friday before the day after.....girls keeping mute on what they were going to wear, boys making a list of girls that they were going to hang out with the most during the school party, teachers teaching themselves in front of the blackboard (thinking students were paying attention) and so on. The whole school was HYPED about the party-“Children’s day” party! *raised eye brow*
After school hours on that day, when almost everybody had left school leaving the late leavers behind at about 15.00pm (or so) there was a girl, Miss O (as I wish to address her on MTB) who was in SS1 at the time, happened to be chilling/gisting (as usual) with her girlfriends Miss T, Miss K, Miss F, Miss Ti and others, having a laugh and just waiting to get picked from school.

Then came this other girl Miss Y, who was a senior at the time (In SS2 to be precise) and a boarder who was able to sneak and stay out of dorm when every other boarder (not all to be honest) were locked in their dorm; at least they were all excited to be in dorm that evening all because of the party. Back to the story, Miss Y while roaming school ended up sighting Miss O and her friends.
 Miss Y called Miss O and hence the conversation;

Miss Y- Hello. How are you?
Miss O- (Sceptical) Hi I’m fine thanks
Miss Y- Please I just want to ask for a favour
Miss O-  What favour?
Miss Y- You know it is the Children’s day party tomorrow right?
Miss O- Yea? (Reluctantly)
Miss Y- I was just wondering if you could please lend me jewellery to use tomorrow, I’ll return it to you immediately after..
Miss O- (Surprised) Uhmmmm lend you jewellery?
Miss Y- Yes please I will return it I promise
Miss O- I am sorry I can’t because there is no way I can sneak jewellery out (obviously Miss O didn’t want to lend Miss Y jewellery because she was trying to avoid her jewellery being damaged or even stolen)
Miss Y- Is there no way you can just put it in your bag and bring it tomorrow? Pls! I don’t have any jewellery to use tomorrow and they are not coming for me tomorrow
Miss O- Nope- I’m so sorry!
Miss Y- Okay Thank you
End of conversation.....(for now)

Miss O on returning to her friends, then chuckled to herself thinking “If I give it to you and then you start telling tales about the jewellery going missing or it’s been damaged –then drama starts *ptschewwwww*”
Anyway, Y then went ahead to ask the other girls individually.

Then came the D-day *drum roll*- day students arrived school earlier than usual all because of Children’s day parry (on normal school day, they’d arrive super late!) Boarders flung their doors open for day students to use their rooms in changing to their “head turning” party outfits.....

To be continued......

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